June 30, 2008

I’m off from work today, then I’ll go in tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday and be off again until after the bar exam.

Here is my day today: get up, study for a while (buy cute shoes on ebay during study break); go work out; come home, have lunch and study some more (taking a break at some point to run through the music for my show); eventually take a shower and go to Starbucks to study some more, get a massage at 6:00; come home, watch The Bachelorette and study during the boring parts; study until 11:00; sink into deep, massage-induced sleep. Sweet! It’s a welcome break from my stressful, stupid job.

I have finished revamping my outlines – basically cutting them down a little bit and finishing the ones I never finished last year. So now it’s just practice MBEs and essays until the exam. I have started using my Adaptibar subscription, and I really like the program. It’s very easy to use, and the answers and explanations are very clear. So I should be in good shape. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I think my problem last year was that I focused too much on trying to learn the law and didn’t do enough practice questions.

It’s good to hear from two of my three favorite blog buddies from last year – Poobah and Liney. I think of both of you often, and I’m so glad you’re out there! The third is Amanda – wherever you are, I hope you’re doing well.

Good vibes to all ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


June 24, 2008

I keep looking around for a new crop of bar bloggers, but haven’t found them yet. First there was the Girl Walks Into A Bar Exam blog in 2005, then that inspired a few more blogs the next year, then in 2007 there was a whole little community of us bar bloggers. I expected that to continue this year, but maybe I was wrong. Anyone?

On a separate note, I’m doing a show in Palo Alto so decided to go hole up at a Starbucks there to do some studying before my rehearsal on Sunday. Turns out that was a very bad idea, as said Starbucks was packed with perfect-looking Stanford law graduates studying for the bar exam with their brand new, pristine Barbri materials, diligently spending the first weekend of summer doing their practice MBEs. So that freaked me out and made me feel like a loser repeater. Think I’ll stick closer to home from now on!


May 17, 2008

I’m thinking of trying Adaptibar – would welcome any comments anyone might have about it.

Two of my friends found out yesterday that they didn’t pass the Feb. 2008 exam – I’m raising a soy latte toast to both of you smart, fabulous people. I don’t know why the bar exam gods decided to smile on other people and not you this time – all I can think of is that for some reason some of us seem to be required to struggle more in life than others.

The bottom line is that all three of us are going to make it this July! I know it.

My very best wishes to both of you – and other fellow strugglers.

Moot court

March 23, 2008

I am going to be a judge for my school’s 1L moot court competition tomorrow, and after a very busy Easter week and weekend I’m sitting up reading cases and briefs to prepare for tomorrow’s oral argument sessions. And I had a little flashback to the many nights during law school that I sat in this same position and tried to read and brief all of my cases for the next day while I was tired, and it occurred to me that I am SO glad to be done with law school! I can tolerate studying for the bar exam one more time, but I there’s no way I would go back to law school again.

It will be interesting tomorrow to be a bar exam failure who still gets to be a fake judge and wear a robe and sit on the bench in the San Francisco Superior Court.

And here we are again.

March 21, 2008

I’m starting to gear up for bar exam #2 – hopefully the last one ever. I’m working on putting together a study schedule – my plan all along has been to start studying April 15, but I’m not sure what that’s going to look like. I plan to continue working through the end of June then take the month of July off, so for now I will have to put together a study schedule to make the most of my evenings and weekends. I will probably do a lot of work in a cafe near my office after work – I think that if I drive home before starting to study I might wind down too much and lose my motivation.

It’s been really good to have this time off. Law school did such a number on me – it just made me feel like the stupidest person alive for three years – and I needed some time to get over that and get my feet back under me. It wasn’t good for me to take the bar exam while I was still in that state. Also, although I have been working full-time since December, I feel like my brain has gotten the rest it needs and has settled enough to allow me to start cramming bar law back into it. So I have three more weeks to plan, then I’ll get started with serious studying.

For a while, my explanation to myself for why I failed the bar exam was that I was just too busy last summer – I was working and I had to write that stupid paper over the summer in addition to studying for the bar exam – but I have revised that somewhat. Now I appreciate that, just as I did throughout all three years of law school, I spent too much time preparing to study for the bar exam and not enough time actually doing the work I needed to do in order to pass. Throughout law school I studied for each exam by preparing a beautiful, comprehensive outline of the course, then failed to leave myself enough time to absorb it and do practice questions. I think I did the same thing with the bar exam – I spent too much time preparing and reviewing my outlines and didn’t leave enough time to do practice questions. So this year I will be more focused on doing practice essays and MBEs.

That’s it for now!


January 26, 2008

Just want to say hello to my blog buddies, if any of you are still around and checking my long-dormant blog. I decided on Dec. 31 that I would sit out the February administration of the bar exam and take it in July instead. It’s the right decision for me – I really need a break and time to develop a fresh attitude about the bar exam.

For now, I’m working at the law clerk job that I’ve had since Dec. 3, and while it’s not my dream job it’s absorbing and often interesting. The big challenge there is developing systems and strategies for managing a huge litigation caseload with woefully inadequate personnel and resources, and I’m able to draw on my 17 years of experience and my law school education in figuring it all out. I also write complaints and motions and do legal research, so I feel like I’m keeping my skills up. So that’s what I’m doing for now.

I wish the February repeaters the best of luck – I’m pulling for you!


December 10, 2007

Repeaters in the SF area: e-mail me if you’re interested in connecting and possibly studying together. I’m going to start my serious studying in January. Thanks!